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Massive Selection for Baker Hughes Pdc Drill Bits - Steel Body PDC Bit S1655FGA5 – Ruishi

1、Double rows five blades design, lessens bit torque and improves steerability in directional drilling. 2、Unique gauge with high quality PDC cutters, helps several-fold increasing wear resistance and stability of the bit. 3、The surface of the blade is welded by wear-resistant hardfacing material, improves wear resistance and erosion resistance of the bit. Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits deliver premium performance and durability for a wide range of standard drilling applications. These matrix- and steel-bodied bits incorporate the latest cutter technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), enhanced hydraulics, and various structure geometries to maximize ROP. Matrix-body bit Matrix-body PDC bits are commonly preferred over steel-body bits for environments in which body erosion is likely to cause a bit to fail. For diamond-impregnated bits, only matrix-body construction can be used. Steel-body bits The strength and ductility of steel give steel-bit bodies high resistance to impact loading. Steel bodies are considerably stronger than matrix bodies.A beneficial feature of steel bits is that they can easily be rebuilt a number of times because worn or damaged cutters can be replaced rather easily. This is a particular advantage for operators in low-cost drilling environments. Features: 1、Deep blade and long parabolic configuration design,ensures optimal bottom hole flow pattern and anti-balling. 2、Optimize the cutting structure and places high quality cutters at different points, increases wear resistance and offensive of the bit . 3、Anti-whirl design improves ROP and enhances the drilling stability. Application: Suitable for medium hard formation with high compressive strength and abrasiveness, such as limestone, hard gypsum, dolomite and sandstone, etc.





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